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What the Douglas-Apsley National Park offers

The Douglas-Apsley National Park is an inland reserve that lies between Bicheno and St Marys, on the sunny east coast of Tasmania, Australia. The park includes three river catchments (Douglas, Denison and Apsley), gorges, cascades, rocky forested hills and a heath plateau. It has many points of interest - spectacular dolerite boulders and rugged hills including Nichols Cap, lower lying sandstones and historically explored and mined coal measures, sweeping coastal vistas, varied bushwalks, east coast ecology with brilliant wildflowers, forest floor native orchids, heaths, she-oak and banksia havens, forested hills, waterfalls, swimming holes, abundant birds and wildlife. 
Along Tasmania's warm east coast, Douglas-Apsley is accessible by unsealed roads leading off the main highway. You're welcome to visit for a few hours or a few days. Here you will find yourself walking in friendly natural surroundings largely free of modern facilities. Nearby, Bicheno and St Marys townships supplies most facilities and conveniences. Rangers are stationed at the Freycinet Visitor Centre. Activities include scenic drives, short strolls, medium and overnight bushwalks, visiting natural features, admiring wildflowers, seeing wildlife at close quarters, birdwatching, climbing, camping and photography

Saved from the loggers

The area was historically subject to small-scale coal mining, trapping, grazing and manual timber extraction. The area of remnant dry forested catchments now under National Park was saved from an appalling fate (of being devastated by new industrial-scale logging which threatened to reduce forests to woodchips and ash) by the sustained efforts and cooperation of local activists and community groups, scientists, local landowners and the Wilderness Society. Public access was facilitated in the 1980s and many of the walks were established in this time. The National Park was enacted when the Tasmanian Greens had the parliamentary balance of power in 1989.

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