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  Thanks to Environment House Trust

The Environment Association (TEA) is grateful to all those caring people who purchased a unit in Environment House Trust. Without Environment House it would be very difficult for TEA to continue its important work - so thanks to all you unit holders. The Trustees, Ross Ulman, Annie Willock and Christine Field, have met regularly this year to advance the business of EHT. Close liaison between TEA and EHT ensures that the house continues to meet the needs of the Association and that the Association manages the house in a manner that suits the Trustees (on behalf of  the Unitholders' long term interests).


Update on renovations

In 2005, Environment House has had a new coat of paint to its external, west-facing wall. As well there have been several urgent repairs carried out to improve the usability of the house, including replacing the old toilet with a dual flush/low water use model. The house features low-toxicity paints and floor finishes. Thanks to the volunteers who did renovation work. Thanks also to the Meander Valley Council, for a grant of $860 through its Community Grants scheme for a Redring Powerstream instant hot-water service. The unit is installed but unfortunately it is not yet providing hot water as the house needs some new wiring to bring it from the 19th century to the 21st! Hopefully this will be done in the near future.

During 2007-08 we hope to produce a plan for the redevelopment of the house to provide more space, solar heating, a catering-standard kitchen, solar electricity [mains grid interactive] and composting toilets. The solar upgrade could be hastened with Commonwealth Government rebate, and the panels would be installed on the back of the roof so as to use the northern sun and consequently will not intrude on the heritage street faÁade. What a show place for sustainable living and environmental care it will be! We hope this process will start at EHT's next AGM with an exciting guest speaker.

Second Room available for rent

Room 2 is now leased. We now have a second room ready for rental and hope to have it occupied by early in the New Year. The funds raised by renting one room help keep The Environment Association afloat by covering rates and insurance. Rental from a second room will assist in our campaigns and outreach.

Room 4 is now available for commercial/professional rental. We are looking for another tenant whose business is compatible with EHT's social and environmental aims. The rental of rooms is in the hands of Lennice of Deloraine 1st National Real Estate. If you think you might be Environment Houseís new tenant please give Lennice a call on 6362 3570.

Meeting Room for Hire

The pleasant, spacious meeting room seating 20-25 is available for hire on a half day or full day basis.
You donít have to have a meeting! Itís a good space for craft activities, discussion groups, lectures etc.
Charges are: Full day $40 and half day $20 (with concessions for non-funded groups) including kitchen use.
The Environment Association Inc provides Public Liability insurance at no extra cost.
To book the room please call Annemaree on 6368 1343.



Ross Ulman and Annie Willock [EHT Trustees]
PO Box 75 Deloraine, Tasmania 7304 Australia.
Phone Ross Ulman (03) 63631230.


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