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Freycinet National Park

Some suggestions for activities in Maria Island National Park.

Things to  at Freycinet

What to do? where to visit? These depend on various things: how much time you have to visit, your fitness levels, equipment, your particular interests, the weather and so on. Here are some ideas:

» Snorkel in Honeymoon Bay, swim at Richardsons Beach.

» Scenic drive and walk to Friendly Beaches lookout, gaze over the beaches and ocean (5 minutes walk).

» Sleepy Bay lookout (10 minutes).

» Scenic drive to Cape Tourville, where there is a level walk track (wheelchair standard, 5-20 minutes walk) taking in coastal vistas and flowering bush.

» Just short of Cape Tourville, there’s a rough road and a short walk to Whitewater Wall clifftop lookout, a favourite location for rockclimbers. From there, you may find an even rougher 4WD trail leading down to Bluestone Bay.

» Walk along the Friendly Beaches from the Isaacs Pt road (5 minutes to 1 hour or more).

» Little Gravelly Beach, past Sleepy Bay lookout (30-40 minutes return).

» Saltwater Lagoon, Friendly Beaches (40 minutes return).

» Mt Amos is a steep hike with great lofty views (3-4 hours). Beware: the rock gets slippery when wet.

» Walk to Wineglass Bay lookout (1-2 hours return).

» Walk to Wineglass Bay beach (3-4 hours return).

» Wineglass Bay-Hazards Beach circuit walk (5 hours).

» For 2-3 days or more: walk from Coles Bay to stay at campsite at either Wineglass Bay (2 hours) or Hazards Beach (2½ hours). From Hazards Beach it is a further 2 hours to Cooks Beach campsite. From Wineglass Bay it is 2 hours to Hazards Beach, or 5-6 hours to Cooks Beach via Mt Graham. From Cooks Beach it is 1½ hours to Bryans Beach. At all these campsites there is ample scope for swimming, exploring rocks at low tide, and side trips. Most walkers return to Coles Bay by the alternative tracks to make up a circuit.

Notes: Times listed are estimates for average walkers; allow extra time for rest and sightseeing stops.
Remember to carry water, food, adequate clothing and equipment, and keep an eye on weather.
Consult a ranger for advice about activities, water availability and track conditions.

» There are horse trails in part of the Friendly Beaches section of the Park (enquire with the ranger).

» For other activities, such as climbing, kayaking, diving, boat cruising and so on, we advise that if you do not possess the skills, equipment and local knowledge required, then you would best by catered by commercial tour guidance.

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