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Maria Island

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Welcome to Maria Island National Park’s home page.

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What Maria Island National Park offers  welcome to Maria Island's website!

Maria Island is a unique National Park with many points of interest – an island ecology, accessible geological history, historic buildings and ruins, sweeping coastal vistas, secluded beaches, rugged coastal cliffs and mountains, varied bushwalks, marine reserves, fishing areas, abundant birds and readily visible wildlife. The rich European history spans the times of convicts, periods of pioneer mining industry, farm settlers, and early nature conservation efforts.

Along Tasmania’s warm east coast, the island is accessible by ferry, boat or light aircraft. You’re welcome to visit for a few hours or a few days. Once on the island, you will find yourself walking or bicycling in friendly natural surroundings, with no cars, no electricity, no shops and no distractions. Activities include short strolls, medium and overnight bushwalks, bicycling, visiting historic and natural features, seeing wildlife at close quarters, birdwatching, boating, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, fishing, climbing, camping and photography.

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