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Maria Island National Park   

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Introduction - some things to keep in mind    

The island is only accessible by boat or plane. On the island you will have to walk or cycle. There is limited accommodation, limited water supply, no electricity and no shops or emergency services. You need to bring all your own food, sets of clothes for all weather conditions, any other equipment including bicycles that you may need or want, and bedding if staying overnight. Mountain bikes are available for hire.

Accommodation on the island is very basic and limited. Bunk-style backpacker accommodation is available in the penitentiary by booking at Triabunna Visitor Information Centre (03) 6256 4772. There are designated camping areas in Darlington and also farther south for the self-sufficient (no booking required). There is greater availability and scope of luxury in commercial accommodation in the Triabunna-Orford region of the east coast. Search locally, visit Discover Tasmania, or contact the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre, Triabunna (03) 6256 4772 or Hobart (03) 6230 8233 

Water is scarce: the island has low rainfall, limited catchment and storage, and visitor demand is high. So please use supplied water wisely. Dam (creek) water is on tap at Darlington for washing. Tank (roof-collected rain) water is very limited, and is for drinking and cooking. Bring your own plastic bottles to carry water on walks.

Safety first: Always check with the Bureau of Meteorology before going boating or bushwalking: phone 1196 or click weather bureau. If boating, have the necessary safety equipment, stay sober, and take no risks.

Maria Island is a National Park. Pets and firearms are forbidden. Do not remove any natural material or historical artifacts. Please take rubbish home for disposal. Please do not feed the animals: foreign foods can cause ill health, and feeding induces aberrant behaviour towards people. As a result of feeding in the past some animals are now quite bold: so please keep all your food, utensils and scraps secure from being ransacked.

Parks & Wildlife closes visitor access to the Island for about a week in July for wildlife management operations and site maintenance; in 2007 it was closed for 12 days, 16-28 July. The island may also be closed at times of high fire danger.

How to get to Maria Island    

The current official service is run by Maria Island Ferry & Eco Cruises , phone 0419 746 668. The fully enclosed ferry carries 48 passengers and leaves from the wharf about 150 metres south of the Triabunna Visitor Centre in Charles Street. The trip take around hour each way. Note that each winter the ferry is usually taken out of service for maintenance for 4 weeks in July. Please check the schedule with operator; extra trips are arranged during peak demand.

Scheduled service period - Sailing days Depart Triabunna Depart Maria Island

December to April - DAILY

9:30 am

10:30 am,

3:30 pm 4:30 pm

May to November - MON, WED, FRI, SUN

10:30 am

11:30 am

3 pm 4 pm

Return fares are currently $35/adult, $25/child (2-15 years), free/infant (under 2),
and extra charges $10 (byo) or $20 (hire) per bike.
For bookings, and the latest details of running times
, school concessions, extra sailings and costs,
please contact Maria Island Ferry on 0419 746 668.

 Maria Island Ferry also offers -day "cruise & walk" tours, ph 0419 746 668

East Coast Cruises offers a water taxi service (up to 30 passengers) for $35/adult return from Triabunna

Scheduled service period - Sailing days Depart Triabunna Depart Maria Island
1 May to 30 September - WED, FRI, SAT, SUN
10:30am 3:00pm 11.30am 4:00pm

1 Octo
ber to 30 April - DAILY

9:00am 10:30am 3:00pm

2:15pm 4:00pm

Also by taxi are $30/pp fares for school groups, $10/bike, $10/kayak. Further offers include special tours and charters, and a shuttle bus service from Hobart.  See East Coast Cruises website for more details or phone 03 6257 1300 .

Alternatively, make your own private arrangements to travel to the island by boat, kayak or plane

You might get a fare with Maria Island Company charter operating out of Triabunna.

Maria Island Cruises, Island Ocean Charters operates from Louisville (between Orford and Triabunna) with taxi service, cruises, half and full day tours and dive services (including to the 'Troy D' dive wreck), Phone (03) 6257 1275 or 0408 313 904.

Perhaps in future you may be able to charter a boat to Darlington from Louisville Eastcoaster Resort, (between Orford and Triabunna) by the previous ferry operator. Phone (03) 6257 1589 or 0427 100 104.

Locally based shorter custom ecotours or charter the boat for up to 10 people, currently suspended operation, but might again operate in future years. Phone: (03) 6257 3453 or 0417 176 590 

There are fully catered 4-day ecotours of Maria Island, ph: (03) 6227 8800

Flights by light aircraft may be arranged with any of: Tasair, ph: (03) 6248 5088, Par Avion, ph: (03) 6248 5390, or Freycinet Air, ph (03) 6375 1694

What it costs to visit Maria Island      

You will need to purchase a National Parks Pass to visit the island (and any Tasmanian National Park) - fees range from $12/adult/day or $24/family or group up to 8 people. Holiday, Annual and 2-Yearly passes may be purchased at Darlington, costs depending on the number in your group, duration of visit and which other Tasmanian parks you plan to visit; generally more economical for frequent Park visitors.

Ferry (return) fares are currently $35/adult, $25/child (2-15 years), free/infant (under 3) and further charges for bicycles, kayaks or excess baggage.

Bicycle hire is available on the island at Darlington.

Bunkhouse style accommodation is available at the refurbished Convict Penitentiary Cells at Darlington: Family rooms: $44/room for 2 adults, additional $10/adult $5/child (5-17 years - 0-4 years free) or $55/family(2+3) (up to 6-8 people) Backpacker rooms: $15/adult, $10/child in a backpackers shared room. Special rates apply for schools, $30 per room during term periods. As accommodation is very limited and demand can be high, booking is strongly advised, Triabunna Visitor Information Centre (03) 62574772

Camping at Darlington, with basic facilities, is available for minimum nightly fee of $13 for 2 persons, with additional $5/adult, $2.50/child (5-17 years - 0-4 years free), or $16/family (2+3) to a maximum of 6 per site. Special school rates apply for camping. Booking is usually not necessary for camping here.

Camping at French's Farm and Encampment Cove is free and does not require booking; both are close to the beautiful shores of Chinamans Bay, a 3-4 hour walk south from Darlington. 

Visitor facilities provided on Maria Island     

Darlington - day use: tank water; toilets; public pay-phone; visitor reception, display and information; open shelter, free gas bbq, picnic tables; ranger station; ranger-guided activities during peak summer visitor periods. 

Darlington - overnight visitors: tank water for drinking; dam (creek) water on tap for washing; toilets; laundry; wood heating & cooking; gas heated pay-showers.

French's Farm and Encampment Cove - toilets; tank water; use your own portable stoves please.

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