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The Environment Association
Caring for Home

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~ What can you do? ~

What you can do to help the environment, every day.

You can join a community organisation (such as TEA) that promotes the concept of care for the environment and works on issues to improve outcomes for the environment, and become an active volunteer.
You can help conserve forests—don’t buy old growth wood products and do use recycled paper.
You can become better informed and work on forest conservation issues.
You can lobby councils, write to state and federal politicians, write letters to the editor of newspapers, and attend rallies and protests.
You can choose products that do less harm, invest ethically, talk to your friends, family and workmates, maybe you can even start up a new business that’s friendly to the environment. Use less.
You can minimise your environmental impact as a consumer – buy only what you need, and choose quality items from local, sustainable sources that will last, and don’t get sucked in by fashions, fads and advertising.
If you have a bush block, you can protect it with a conservation covenant.

If you think saving the world is too hard, you can just do a bit at a time. 

In the garden, you can go organic, grow native plants, have a compost bin, grow your own food. Use water saving design, and provide water for frogs and birds. Fence out native animals – don’t kill them.
When you travel by car, you can keep your car tuned for good fuel economy, maintain your car well, use plant-based oil products. Walk, use public transport, or ride a bike whenever you can.
At home you can install a solar hot water system, block off draughts, insulate your house, wear warm clothing to reduce heating, check energy ratings on appliances, keep appliances in good condition so they last longer.
You can buy nutritious, organic food and take a packed lunch to work.
You can recycle glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, metal and more. You might even reuse some items.
You can wear clothing and choose bedding made from natural or recycled fibres
You can wash yourself, your clothes and clean your home with low chemical, cruelty-free products.

In everything you do, you can consider the cost to the environment first.
There are so many ways you can show you care for the environment.
Some things are really easy and others take just a bit longer.

Whatever you do, start doing it today.

This you can do right now:

 Sign a petition against unsustainable forestry and 1080 poisoning of native animals.


Make a Donation

Please consider making a donation to support TEA’s vital conservation activities.

You can make a donation by mailing a cheque, making a direct bank deposit (contact us for details),

* Or make an online donation using your VISA, MasterCard or PayPal account via our PayPal facility.
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Become a Member of TEA!

You can be part of the solution…
 You can join The Environment Association.
Please download an application form (pdf) to print, or write or phone so we can send you one,
then fill it in, sign and return by post with payment.

Membership is open to everyone who supports the objects and purposes of the Association, regardless of sex, age, disability, race, political or sexual preferences or religion. The Association welcomes participation of all people through membership on payment of the membership fee. All financial members are eligible to nominate for service on the Management Team and have voting rights at any Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting. The Management Team meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm at Environment House and members are welcome to observe the meetings. 

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