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~ Some TEA campaigns ~

Hot campaign – PTR1698

This year our work has been dominated by the Private Timber Reserve application 1698. A PTR is a land covenant that legally perpetuates a parcel of land for logging, and removes it from council planning regulation and other laws defending conservation values, i.e. the antithesis of a conservation reserve. This PTR application covers 1,100 hectares, almost 40% of the private land of Reedy Marsh. The area includes rare White Gum forest communities; over 40% of the area has Threatened vegetation communities, forest and non-forest. 100% is classified as Vulnerable land and key fauna habitat for Threatened Species. There are at least seven Threatened Species present on the land. There is considerable public opposition to the declaration of PTR 1698, and with the assistance of Councillor Bob Loone an appeal in the public interest is being mounted through Meander Valley Council. More than 2000 people from all over Australia signed a petition that we presented to Council to seek their support in this appeal. The Reedy Marsh Forest Conservation Group prepared a substantial document covering the issues.

More information may be downloaded here:

Articles included in recent newsletters, and also:

  • funding appeal leaflet (150kb pdf)
  • brief outline of the campaign (105kb pdf)
  • update March 2006 (100kb pdf)
  • update May 2006 (100kb pdf)
  • what a PTR means (40kb pdf)

June 2006 update: Hearing day was in Westbury Town Hall Supper Room, Tues 20th June 2006 at 10:30 am.
Friday 17th also went well. It is somewhat warmer than the Deloraine venue. This was the 13th day of the PTR hearing. At least 2 more days expected. Undoubtedly the largest objection to a PTR ever mounted in the history of the legislation. Thanks to all who have been so supportive.

April 2007 update: The Forest Practices Tribunal failed the environment, despite the vast body of our appeal evidence and expert testimony. We are now in the early stages of presenting for a review of that decision in the Supreme Court. This is a big commitment for TEA. A win in the state Supreme Court will make history, and you can be part of that. We need help like never before to turn the tide of the rapacious logging of threatened vegetation communities and endangered species habitat. Your practical support, fundraising and the moral momentum of Bob Brown’s federal court win on the Weilangta appeal will all contribute to our success.

Please consider making a donation to support this urgent legal action.

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More information on this campaign coming soon.

Great Western Tiers National Park proposal campaign

For a number of years, TEA has advocated the protection of the slopes of the Great Western Tiers, from woodchip-driven logging in particular. The significance of the area is well established nationally by way of its National Heritage Listing [External Link], and values include its contiguous association with the existing World Heritage plateau, intact altitudinal ecological sequences, karst, tourism, recreational and visual amenity. We have already achieved some areas of protection, and community awareness is growing. The GWT-NP proposal document and a detailed map will be posted on this site very soon.

  • GWT-NP proposal (330kb pdf)
    (does not include maps or photos from original publication)
  • Large scale GWT-NP map (600kb pdf)

This campaign is stepping up again now. This in the face of a monstrous Pulp Mill proposal supported [to a degree of corruption, some may say] by state and federal governments contrary to the wishes of the Tasmanian community. This Mill would double the rate of forest destruction in Tasmania, and place further unsustainable pressures and impacts on our air, water and other life-sustaining systems, alienate farmers and rural communities from land conversion to mutant plantations, jeopardise clean green food production and tourism, and destroy fisheries with dioxin pollution. The Great Western Tiers have never been in as much need of National Park protection and your help to achieve this goal as right now.

Climate change

The government’s draft strategy is useless; richly deserving criticism and judgement. Read ours below.

Convenor’s annual reports

The Environment Association channels efforts in many areas, with major campaigns and other activities changing in emphasis in response to environmental threats and protection opportunities. The courage, dedication and drive of our volunteers is the key to saving our natural home. An indication of the nature and diversity of TEA’s past and ongoing activities may be gleaned from downloading any from a selection of Convenor’s Annual Reports:

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